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Coronavirus: COVID-19 Contingency Plan - Update

20 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: COVID-19 Contingency Plan
The Academy has been issued with guidance from the Department for the Economy for providing information to participants, staff, parents and employers regarding the coronavirus (COVID 19).   The Department will continue to share updated advice to the Academy to assist with contingency planning for dealing with the spread of COVID-19 and the threat of a temporary ceasing of training.
The Department of Health and the Public Health Agency (PHA) have prepared advice about the ever changing situation around COVID-19 and this advice can be found on the following website address:
Further advice can be obtained by using the PHA helpline on 0300 200 7885 and the latest updates can also be found on the following link:
The Academy will continue to follow this advice alongside the advice from the Department for the Economy.
Contingency Planning
The Academy has introduced heightened hygiene measures throughout all sites and everyone has been informed of their role in maintaining their own personal hygiene activities including advised information session during lessons.
Information has been posted throughout all sites on how to prevent the spread of the virus and the importance of washing hands regularly.Staff are discussing good practice regards coronavirus with classes (and one to one with participants who are concerned). Correct procedures for hand-washing, limiting cross-infection, symptom awareness (comparing flu symptoms versus coronavirus/COVID 19) and practical sensible precautions are included.
All participants and staff have been informed of what they must do if they show symptoms of the virus and the importance of self-isolation.
The BBC news website article – ‘How to self-isolate’ carries excellent advice on these potential actions – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51506729
All parents are advised to contact the Academy if there is any diagnosis of coronavirus/COVID-19 in their home or if participants have been in contact with any person who has contracted the virus. Parents should contact their GP for advice should anyone show symptoms of the virus or if they have come into contact with other persons who have travelled from infected travel zones.  Similarly parents of participants with underlying health conditions may wish to arrange a medical self-certification via their GP – this will be conducted on a one to one consideration basis.
Participants or clients or other Academy users attending the Academy who display any symptoms (examples below) will be asked not to attend and/or turned away to minimise impact of cross-infection risks until such a time as an effective isolation period has passed.
  • Temperature/headache
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Runny or stuffy  nose
  • Sneezing
  • Feeling unwell
Academy domestic staff will be working to minimise risk of cross-infection of coronavirus/COVID 19. Again we advise all staff, participants, clients and other Academy users to work for the community by way of following hand washing and other safety precautions.
The Academy has provided the Department with the assurance that the Academy will immediately cease the delivery of Training for Success and ApprenticeshipsNI programmes if advised to do so by either the Department or the PHA.  Should closure occur all participants will be informed directly.
During any such closure the Academy will support the participants with online support via staff one to one correspondence via email or telephone to send, receive or advise on work given. Tutors will arrange hardcopy packs where participants cannot receive emails or have limited access to online facilities and equipment e.g. a computer/laptop.A list of staff emails by campus will be made available as an attachment to this contingency plan.
The work provided will help:
  • Participants revise and prepare for exams/projects.
·         Participants practice treatments (where possible) at home.
Given the nature of hairdressing and beauty therapy training which requires a lot of close contact with peers and clients we have asked training staff to steer training towards non-contact work in units or to use training assists ie dolls-heads or the Tilly-body parts. Essential skills tutors will also work with participants to complete their essential skills at this time.
Review of Contingency Advice:
The Academy has contingency plans in place to continue providing EMA payments to participants on the TfS programme during any period of closure.  The Department has decided that if any individual participant/apprentice is advised (by either PHA or their GP) to self-isolate.
Should a case of COVID-19 be suspected or confirmed at the Academy we will contact the PHA and the Department and adhere to their advice.
The Academy is in contact with the Awarding Bodies (VTCT and City and Guilds) with regard to inspections and the conduct of assessments and participants will continue to prepare for assessments at this time.
If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our head office on:

All Students should avail of this learning platform to continue with their qualification whilst home studying

02890243243 or [email protected]
Direct enquiries can be made to tutors by email to assist training and own time home learning:
Tutor Email Vocation
Christina Flynn [email protected] Hairdressing
Claire Bothwell [email protected] Beauty
Jill Henry [email protected] Beauty
Colin Thompson [email protected] Beauty
Eileen Spiers [email protected] Hairdressing
Finuola McAuley [email protected] Essential Skills
Helen Curley [email protected] Beauty
Hilary Kearney [email protected] Essential Skills
Jacqui O’Neill [email protected] Hairdressing
Lesley Anne Thompson [email protected] Beauty
Maria McIlduff [email protected] Hairdressing
Sarah Sharvin [email protected] Hairdressing
Sonia Kelly [email protected] Hairdressing
Stefanie Andrews [email protected] Beauty
Susan Ireland [email protected] Hairdressing
Vicky Milligan [email protected] Essential Skills
Wendy Norton [email protected] Hairdressing


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