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Ashleigh Copeland Shortlisted

23 Jun 2014

All tutors and staff at The Academy Hair & Beauty Training School watch our students reach great heights over their years of training at our campuses across Northern Ireland. This is especially true of hairdressing student Ashleigh Copeland who became a finalist at this year’s L’Oreal Young Colourist Trophy NI 2014. Ashleigh has just started her Level 3 NVQ Hairdressing and works at Naked Hair salon, Dromara. With the support of salon manager Julie Wilson, Ashleigh submitted her application early in 2014, while still completing her Level 2 NVQ.

Ashleigh undertook a lot of hard work before submitting her application, including selecting the perfect model and deciding on the technique and theme she would use. Ashleigh used a kaleidoscope technique, breaking the hair up into eight sections. Four of these sections were dyed in red shades and the additional four coloured using hair chalks. On the day of the photoshoot Ciara Daly provided the makeup expertise, putting the finishing touches to Ashleigh’s hard work. Finally in March 2014 Ashleigh submitted her application and waited eagerly to hear the outcome.

Pictured above: Ashleigh's phenomenal submission for the L'Oreal Young Colourist Trophy 2014

Ashleigh was shortlisted for the award and along with 5 regional Northern Ireland finalists travelled to Manchester on 3rd June to replicate her look under the watchful eyes of L’Oreal judges. Judges followed the finalists around throughout the day, talking to them about their submission and watching them as they performed a T-Bar colour and their own technique. Ashleigh also took part in a separate interview with the judging panel. After a demanding day Ashleigh and the remaining finalists returned home to await the final decision.

Grosvenor House, London, 23rd June
Along with salon manager Julie Wilson, Ashleigh Copeland attended the awards ceremony at Grosvenor House in London on Monday 23rd June. A glamorous night amongst their peers, Ashleigh and Julie held their heads high to see Ashleigh’s award submission listed as one of the Northern Ireland finalists for the L’Oreal Young Colourist Trophy NI 2014. Unfortunately Ashleigh did not win the award, but there is no doubt that her submission was of the highest standard and is a clear indicator of her outstanding talent as a a Northern Ireland hairdresser! Well done Ashleigh! Everyone at The Academy Hair & Beauty Training School could not be prouder of you!

Pictured above: Ashleigh Copeland (left) with salon manager Julie Wilson (right), pictured at Grosvenor House, London 


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