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Making a Difference

01 Apr 2013

Travelling with the 'Making a Difference' group as part of the Belfast Education Library Board, Beauty Therapy students Courtney McDonagh and Clodagh Duffy travelled to Cambodia and Malaysia in March and April 2013. Travelling with 12 young people and 4 leaders, Courtney and Clodagh got involved in teaching english to a group of 4-7 year old children, as well as built a school playground, along with a vegetable garden, pig pen and planted trees.

Courtney McDonagh and Clodagh Duffy (back row), pictured with children from the village in Cambodia and other members of the 'Making a Difference' team

Each day Courtney and Clodagh got up early from their campsites and travelled to their projects in carts pulled by water buffalos. The work involved digging up a dried pond to create a soil base for the vegetable garden, tree planting and pig pen. And they did this in scorching hot temperatures - not for the faint hearted!

Courtney McDonagh and Clodagh Duffy (front row), pictured with the 'Making a Difference' team

Getting involved in this project is a remarkable achievement for both Courtney and Clodagh and an indication of their dedication to diverse cultures. The Academy Hair & Beauty Training School looks forward to hearing about their future projects.

Courtney and Clodagh in traditional Muslim dress at the national mosque of Malaysia



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